Ioseph Kim <> writes:
> 2016년 06월 15일 01:56에 Tom Lane 이(가) 쓴 글:
>> I take it from the vast silence that nobody particularly cares one way 
>> or the other. On reflection I think that this would be a good change 
>> to make, so I'll go do so unless I hear complaints soon. regards, tom 
>> lane 

> I propose to change from asctime() to sql current_timestamp value,
> then users will  change date format with set command DateStyle.

That would require an additional SQL query each time through the loop,
which seems like undue expense.  It's also not terribly friendly to the
goal of localization, I should think, given the limited number of
datestyle options and the fact that none of them actually change day or
month names to non-English choices.  And it would imply changing the
timestamps from psql's timezone to the backend's.  While that might have
been a good way to do it in a green field, it's not the way \watch has
worked in the past, and given the lack of complaints I'm disinclined
to change that.

                        regards, tom lane

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