Tom Lane wrote:
> I wrote:

> > Well, we did part of that, but it's still using asctime().  Should we
> > change that to strftime(..."%c"...) to be less English-centric?
> > (The result seems to be the same in C locale.  pg_controldata has done
> > it that way for a long time, with few complaints.)  If we want to do so,
> > now would be the time, since 9.6 already whacked around the format
> > of \watch output.
> I take it from the vast silence that nobody particularly cares one way
> or the other.  On reflection I think that this would be a good change
> to make, so I'll go do so unless I hear complaints soon.

+1 to strftime("%c").  If we wanted to provide additional flexibility we
could have a \pset option to change the strftime format string to
something other than %c, but I don't think there's enough demand to
justify it.

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