Peter Geoghegan <> writes:
> On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 3:40 AM, Robert Haas <> wrote:
>> What I'm tempted to do is trying to document that, as a point of
>> policy, parallel query in 9.6 uses up to (workers + 1) times the
>> resources that a single session might use.  That includes not only CPU
>> but also things like work_mem and temp file space.  This obviously
>> isn't ideal, but it's what could be done by the ship date.

> Where would that be documented, though? Would it need to be noted in
> the case of each such GUC?

Why can't we just note this in the number-of-workers GUCs?  It's not like
there even *is* a GUC for many of our per-process resource consumption

                        regards, tom lane

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