Tom Lane wrote:
> Robert Haas <> writes:

> > I do agree, however, that the three Boolean flags don't make the code
> > entirely easy to read.  What I might suggest is that we replace the
> > three Boolean flags with integer flags, something like this:
> Yeah, that's another way we could go.  I had been considering a variant
> of that, which was to assign specific code values to the enum constants
> and then invent macros that did bit-anding tests on them.  That ends up
> being just about what you propose except that the compiler understands
> the enum-ness of the behavioral alternatives, which seems like a good
> thing.

Isn't that what you said not to do in ?
ISTM that in Robert's proposal it is allowed for a "flags" value to
have an OR'ed combination of multiple individual flags.  Unless you're
proposing to enumerate each allowed combination?

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