Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I think the big question is whether we want the default to install the
> > configs in a separate directory, pgsql/etc, or just allow the
> > specification of a separate location.  Advantages of pgsql/etc are
> > initdb-safe, and easier backups.
> I don't see why we don't just let initdb install suggested config files
> into the new $PGDATA directory, same as it ever did.  Then (as long as
> we don't use relative paths in the config files) people can move them
> somewhere else if they like, or not if they prefer not to.  Adding more
> mechanism than that just adds complexity without buying much (except the
> possibility of initdb overwriting your old config files, which is
> exactly what I thought we wanted to avoid).
> > The big question is whether PGDATA is still our driving config variable,
> > and PGCONFIG/-C is just an additional option, or whether we are moving
> > in a direction where PGCONFIG/-C is going to be the driving value, and
> > data_dir is going to be read as part of that.
> I thought the idea was to allow both approaches.  We are not moving in
> the direction of one or the other, we are giving people a choice of how
> they want to drive it.

That's where I am unsure.  Is the initdb-safe and backup advantages
enough to start to migrate those out to data/?  I need to hear
comments on that.

One new idea is to move the config files into data/etc.  That makes it
clear which are config files, and makes backup a little easier.  It
would make -C more logical because you are not moving a clear directory.

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