On Saturday 15 February 2003 20:19, Tom Lane wrote:
> Lamar Owen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Just exactly why does initdb need to drop any config files anywhere?

> Because we'd like it to edit the correct datadir into the config file,
> to take just the most obvious example.

Shouldn't we be consistent and have initdb use the datadir set in the config 
file, which could be supplied by a ./configure switch?

>  There has also been a great deal
> of discussion recently about other things initdb might automatically put
> into the config file after looking at the system environment.  That's
> not happened yet, but we'd really be restricting ourselves to say that
> initdb can never customize the config files.

Customize != writing the original.

I'm looking at a packager point of view here.  The initdb is done well after 
the package is made, and installed.  It would be ideal from this point of 
view to have things fully configured pre-initdb (and thus pre-packaging).

But I understand that this might not be ideal from a multipostmaster point of 
view.  Surely these two can be reconciled.
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