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> [Q1]
> Can the same UDF binary be used with different PostgreSQL minor releases?  If 
> it is, is it a defined policy (e.g. written somewhere in the manual, wiki, 
> documentation in the source code)?
> For example, suppose you build a UDF X (some_extension.so/dll) with 
> PostgreSQL 9.5.0.  Can I use the binary with PostgreSQL 9.5.x without 
> rebuilding?

Yes, that works properly. There could be problems with potential
changes in the backend APIs in a stable branch, but this usually does
not happen much.

> Here, the UDF references the contents of server-side data structures, like 
> pgstattuple accesses the members of HeapScanData.  If some bug fix of 
> PostgreSQL changes the member layout of those structures, the UDF binary 
> would possibly misbehave.  Basically, should all UDFs be rebuilt with the new 
> minor release?

Not necessarily.

> Or, are PostgreSQL developers aware of such incompatibility and careful not 
> to change data structure layout?

Committers are aware and careful about that, that's why exposed APIs
and structures are normally kept stable. At least that's what I see.

> [Q2]
> Can the same UDF binary be used with different PostgreSQL distributions 
> (EnterpriseDB, OpenSCG, RHEL packages, etc.)?  Or should the UDF be built 
> with the target distribution?

Each distribution has usually its own compilation options (say page
size, etc.) even if I recall that most of them use the defaults, so it
clearly depends on what kind of things each of them uses. I would
recommend a recompilation just to be safe. It may not be worth
spending time at looking and checking each one's differences.

> I guess the rebuild is necessary if the distribution modified the source code 
> of PostgreSQL.  That is, the UDF binary built with the bare PostgreSQL cannot 
> be used with EnterpriseDB's advanced edition, which may modify various data 
> structures.

That's for sure.

> How about other distributions which probably don't modify the source code?  
> Should the UDF be built with the target PostgreSQL because configure options 
> may differ, which affects data structures?

It depends on how they build it, but recompiling is the safest bet to
avoid any surprises... I recall seeing an extension code that caused a
SIGSEV with fclose(NULL) on SLES and only reported an error with
Ubuntu. The code was faulty in this case.. But recompiling is usually
a better bet of stability.

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