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> "Tsunakawa, Takayuki" <tsunakawa.ta...@jp.fujitsu.com> writes:
> > Option 2:
> > Rebuild UDFs with the target PostgreSQL distribution.
> > You do not have to rebuild UDFs when you upgrade or downgrade the
> > minor release.  (If your UDF doesn't work after changing the minor
> > release, it's the bug of PostgreSQL.  You can report it to
> > pgsql-bugs.)
> I do not like either of those.  We try hard not to break extensions in minor
> releases, but I'm not willing to state it as a hard-and-fast policy that
> we never will --- especially because there's no bright line as to which
> internal APIs extensions can rely on or not.  With sufficiently negative
> assumptions about what third-party authors might have chosen to do, it could
> become impossible to fix anything at all in released branches.

I feel empathy, but I think something needs to be documented for users to 
upgrade and/or change distributions with relief.  In practice, though it may be 
a shame, isn't option 1 the current answer?

Again, the current situation seems similar to the Linux loadable kernel 
modules.  So PostgreSQL is not alone.  See "Binary compatibility" section in:


> In practice, extensions seldom need to be modified for new minor releases.
> But there's a long way between that statement and a promise that it won't
> ever happen for any conceivable extension.

I think so, too.

> To make this situation better, what we'd really need is a bunch of work
> to identify and document the specific APIs that we would promise won't change
> within a release branch.  That idea has been batted around before, but
> nobody's stepped up to do all the tedious (and, no doubt, contentious) work
> that would be involved.

I can't yet imagine if such API (including data structures) can really be 
defined so that UDF developers feel comfortable with its flexibility.  I wonder 
how other OSes provide such API and ABI.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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