I think, we need simple configure script generator for backward compatibility and easy using this build system. Try playing with cmake build system under Win2008+MinGW. I plan to write perl script for automatic build this
with depends.

On 29.06.2016 19:23, Yury Zhuravlev wrote:
Hello Hackers.

I decided to talk about the current state of the project:
1. Merge with 9.6 master. 2. plpython2, plpython3, plperl, pltcl, plsql all work correctly (all tests pass). 3. Works done for all contrib modules. 4. You can use gettext, .po->.mo will have converted by CMake. 5. All test pass under some Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris10 (on Sparc), Windows MSVC 2015. MacOSX I think not big trouble too. 6. Prototype for PGXS (with MSVC support) done.
I think is very big progress but I came across one problem.
I not have access to many OS and platforms. For each platform need tests and small fixes. I can't develop and give guarantee without it.

I think this is very important work which makes it easier further support Postgres but I can not do everything himself. It's physically impossible.

I think without community support I can't do significantly more.

Current version you can get here: https://github.com/stalkerg/postgres_cmake


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