Hi Tom,

>> I ask because I'm curious if/how someone in Yury's situation could
>> predict which minimum version of CMake must be supported in order for
>> his patch to be accepted.  (And if he accepts my offer to pitch in,
>> I'll actually need that particular detail.)
> well I personally think the level to meet would be that all the systems
> on the buildfarm that can build -HEAD at the time the patch is proposed
> for a commit should be able to build using the new system with whatever
> cmake version is available in those by default (if it is at all).

I see.  In other projects I've worked on, the configuration of a build
farm has been driven by some list of platforms that were considered
important to support.

Is that the case here as well?  I.e., is the build-farm population
just a convenient proxy for some other source of information regarding
what platforms are important?

Apologies if my questions are so basic that I can find the answers
elsewhere.  I'll happily follow any RTFM links.

Thanks again,

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