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> 3.7.1 Purpose
> /etc contains configuration files and directories that are specific to the 
> current system.
> 3.7.4  Indicates that 
> "Host-specific configuration files for add-on application software packages 
> must be installed within the directory /etc/opt/<package>, where <package> is 
> the name of the subtree in /opt where the static data from that package is 
> stored."
> 3.12 indicates: /opt is reserved for the installation of add-on application 
> software packages.
> A package to be installed in /opt must locate its static files in a separate 
> /opt/<package> directory tree, where <package> is a name that describes the 
> software package.
> It would make most sense, based on FHS, for PostgreSQL information to 
> assortedly reside in:
> - /etc/opt/postgresql or /etc/postgresql, for static config information;

I feel that /opt (and therefore /etc/opt) are intended for the use of
vendors; so commercial packages designed to fit in with FHS should use
those.  I don't think they are for locally built stuff.

No matter; it illustrates the main point, which is that these things
should be easily configurable.

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