On Thursday 13 February 2003 18:41, Vince Vielhaber wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > PostgreSQL is as critical as PHP, Apache, or whatever other package is
> > being backended by PostgreSQL.  If the package is provided by the
> > distributor, consider it part of the OS.  If it isn't, well, it isn't.

> You completely miss my point, but lately you've been real good at that.

No, Vince, I understand your point.  But understand mine: it does matter who 
installed it.

> Note, I'm not even including an MTA here.  I said BASIC OPERATION.

> If a package is not critical as I just outlined, it shouldn't matter who
> installed it.

'Critical' is in the eye of the admin of the system in question.  For my 
servers, if, for instance, sshd doesn't come up, then there's a major 
problem, as they are all headless.  If the webserver doesn't come up, I have 
other problems, as OpenACS is mission-critical here.  So what's critical is a 
question for the individual sysadmin.

So, to continue your point, what is 'critical' to the 'basic operation' of the 
system shouldn't pollute /etc.  So, let's eliminate the /etc/mail, 
/etc/samba, /etc/xinetd.d, /etc/X11, /etc/httpd, and the other subtrees foung 
in at least Red Hat 8.  While we're at it, many other files in /etc need to 
go: named.conf for one.  It depends on what you consider 'critical'.  
PostgreSQL is at least as critical on my systems as some of the other things 
that already 'pollute' /etc.

> After the last go around with you Lamar, this will be my last response
> to you on this.

Aw Vince, I don't know what your problem is with conflicting opinions.  But 
that's your choice.  And Open Source is about _choice_.  You are free to 
admin your systems your way, and I'm free to do so my way.  And all's well.
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