Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> As a separate concern, IMO having the source code in a \df+ column is
> almost completely useless.

Good point.  It works okay for C/internal functions, but in those cases
it's usually redundant with the proname.  For PL functions it's a disaster
formatting-wise, because they're often wide and/or multi-line.

> I propose to split that out to a separate
> \df command (say \df% or \df/) that shows *only* the source code.

As to those names, ick.  Also, what do you envision the output looking
like when multiple functions are selected?  Or would you ban wildcards?
If you do, it's not clear what this does that \sf doesn't do better.

Maybe, given the existence of \sf, we should just drop prosrc from \df+

                        regards, tom lane

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