Stephen Frost <> writes:
> I agree with removing the source code field, though I did like the
> suggestion mentioned elsewhere for having it shown when it's just a C
> symbol but not otherwise.  If we can find a way to have the C symbol
> shown when it's a C or internal function, I'm fine with that, but the
> source code field having entier pl/sql and pl/pgsql functions in it
> doesn't work and \sf should be used instead.

It would certainly be easy enough to do that, as long as you don't mind
hard-wiring into psql the knowledge that "internal" and "C" are the
languages to show prosrc for.  "Source code" would no longer be a very
appropriate column name, though it already was not for these cases.
I'd be inclined to call it "Internal name" instead.

                        regards, tom lane

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