Peter Geoghegan <> writes:
> Attached patch adds a CLUSTER external sort test case to the
> regression tests, as discussed.

I took a quick look at this patch.

> This makes a hardly noticeable difference on the run time of the
> CLUSTER tests, at least for me. Consider the following:

I tried the patch on prairiedog's host.  That's not the slowest
machine in the buildfarm, but it's right down there.  The patch
increases the runtime of the "cluster" test from ~1 sec to ~3 sec,
which I agree is pretty negligible (total time for the standard
regression tests is ~5 min on this machine).  That seems a cheap
price to pay for a significant improvement in code coverage.

What I don't much like is that it enlarges cluster.out with 200K of
random-looking, hard-to-manually-verify data.  May I suggest that
we replace the SELECTs with

select * from
(select hundred, lag(hundred) over () as lhundred,
        thousand, lag(thousand) over () as lthousand,
        tenthous, lag(tenthous) over () as ltenthous from clstr_4) ss
where row(hundred, thousand, tenthous) <= row(lhundred, lthousand, ltenthous);
 hundred | lhundred | thousand | lthousand | tenthous | ltenthous 
(0 rows)

If you're good with that adjustment, I'm happy to commit this.

                        regards, tom lane

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