Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> On 7/13/16 2:06 PM, Corey Huinker wrote:
>> Time: 3601083.544 ms (1h 0m 1.084s)

> That works for me, except that the abbreviation for minute is "min".

Meh ... if we're using one-letter abbreviations for hour and second,
using three letters for minute seems just arbitrarily inconsistent.
There is zero possibility that anyone would misunderstand what unit
the "m" stands for.  See also the typical output of time(1):

$ time sleep 1

real    0m1.002s
user    0m0.001s
sys     0m0.002s

(Well, I guess that's bash's builtin rather than /usr/bin/time,
but the point stands: "m" is widely accepted in this context.)

                        regards, tom lane

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