On 10/07/16 12:08, Andrew Gierth wrote:
"Gavin" == Gavin Flower <gavinflo...@archidevsys.co.nz> writes:
  >> How about
  >> Time: 1234567.666 ms (20m 34.6s)

  Gavin> I like that, but I think the human form should retain the 3
  Gavin> decimal places.

Scale it.

Time: 12.345 ms (0.012345s)

Time: 1234.567 ms (1.235s)

Time: 98765.432 ms (98.8s)

Time: 123456.789 ms (2m 3.5s)

Time: 12345678.666 ms (3h 24m 46s)

  Gavin> In a few years, we may well have enormously multiprocessor
  Gavin> computers with massive very fast permanent 'RAM' where the
  Gavin> entire database is always in memory, so timing to the nearest
  Gavin> microsecond could be useful.

But the original microsecond-resolution value is still right there, so I
don't see the issue.

Sorry misunderstood, thought it was milliseconds!

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