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> > That's true, but we don't always have a perfectly comprehensive
> > test suite, consciously or unconsciously. The sentence was
> > inattentive but the "bug" was just the negative comparable to
> > "feature" in my mind. My point was the comparison between adding
> > a test for a corner-case and its cost. It must be added if the
> > fixed feature is fragile. It can be added it doesn't take a too
> > long time to finish.
> I'd just add it to be honest. Taking backups from standbys, with or
> without the master being connected is a supported feature, and we want
> to follow-up to be sure that it does not in the future. Having now the
> infrastructure for more complex scenarios does not mean of course that
> we need to test everything and all kind of things, of course, but here
> the benefits are good compared to the cost that a single call of
> pg_basebackup has in the complete the test suite run.

Yes, totally agreed.


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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