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> On 7/30/16 1:18 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
> > We talked about this issue, when I wrote function pg_size_bytes. It is
> > hard to fix these functions after years of usage. The new set of
> > functions can be better
> >
> > pg_iso_size_pretty();
> > pg_iso_size_bytes();
> One thing that would actually be nice for other reasons as well is a
> version of pg_size_pretty() that lets you specify the output unit, say,
> as a second argument.  Because sometimes you want to compare two tables
> or something, and tells you one is 3GB and the other is 783MB, which
> doesn't really help.  If I tell it to use 'MB' as the output unit, I
> could get comparable output.

It is looks like some convert function

pg_size_to(size, unit, [others ... rounding, truncating]) returns numeric

select pg_size_to(1024*1024, 'KB')



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