Re: Bruce Momjian 2016-07-30 <>
> I also just applied a doc patch that increases case and spacing
> consistency in the use of kB/MB/GB/TB.


PostgreSQL uses the spaces inconsistently, though. pg_size_pretty uses spaces:

# select pg_size_pretty((2^20)::bigint);
 1024 kB

SHOW does not:

# show work_mem;

The SHOW output is formatted by _ShowOption() using 'INT64_FORMAT "%s"',
via convert_from_base_unit(). The latter has a comment attached...
 * Convert a value in some base unit to a human-friendly unit.  The output
 * unit is chosen so that it's the greatest unit that can represent the value
 * without loss.  For example, if the base unit is GUC_UNIT_KB, 1024 is
 * converted to 1 MB, but 1025 is represented as 1025 kB.
... where the spaces are present again.

General typesetting standard seems to be "1 MB", i.e. to include a
space between value and unit. (This would also be my preference.)

Opinions? (I'd opt to insert spaces in the docs now, and then see if
inserting a space in the SHOW output is acceptable for 10.0.)


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