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> Greg Stark <st...@mit.edu> writes:
> > I think Bruce's summary is a bit revisionist.
> I would say it's a tempest in a teapot.
> What I think we should do is accept "kb" and the rest case-insensitively,
> print them all in all-upper-case always, and tell standards pedants
> to get lost.  The idea of introducing either a GUC or new function names
> is just silly; it will cause far more confusion and user code breakage
> than will result from just leaving well enough alone.

​I wouldn't mind fixing case sensitivity in the process...but I don't think
we need to touch the GUC infrastructure at all.

For a product that has a reasonably high regard for the SQL standard I'd
like to at least keep an open mind about other relevant standards - and if
accommodation is as simple as writing a new function I'd see no reason to
reject such a patch.​  pg_size_pretty never did seem like a good name for a
function with its behavior...lets be open to accepting an improved version
without a pg_ prefix.

We could even avoid a whole new function and add an "iB" template pattern
to the to_char function - although I'm not sure that wouldn't be more
confusing than helpful in practice.

David J.

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