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> I do not buy that "dynamically generated queries defeat server-prepared
> usage" argument. It is just not true (see below).
> Do you mean "in language X, where X != Java it is impossible to implement a
> query cache"?
> That is just ridiculus.

Well, multiple experienced users are telling you that this is a real
problem.  You certainly don't have to agree, but when a bunch of other
people who are smart and experienced think that something is a
problem, I think you should consider the possibility that those people
know what they are talking about.

> Do you agree that the major part would be some hot queries, the rest will be
> much less frequently used ones (e.g. one time queries)?

Sure, but I don't want the application to have to know about that, and
I don't really think the driver should need to know about that either.
Your point, as I understand it, is that sufficiently good query
caching in the driver can ameliorate the problem, and I agree with
that.  But that makes it the job of every driver to implement some
sort of cache, which IMHO isn't a very reasonable position.  When
there's a common need that affects users of many different programming
languages, the server should make it easy to meet that need, not
require every driver to implement query caching.

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