On 8/12/16 1:40 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
What this is telling us is that given input like, say,

        SELECT 'foo'::character varying

Bison is no longer sure whether "varying" is meant as a type name modifier
or a ColLabel.  And indeed there is *no* principled answer to that that
doesn't involve giving up the ability for "varying" to be a ColLabel.
Just promoting it to a fully reserved word (which it is not today)
wouldn't be enough, because right now even fully reserved words can be

FWIW, I've always disliked how some types could contains spaces without being quoted. AFAIK nothing else in the system allows that, and I don't see why character varying and timestamp with* should get a special pass.

I doubt we could get rid of this in CREATE TABLE, but I wonder how many people actually cast using the unquoted form.
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