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> Just to keep things sane I would like to remind that in this concrete
> patch there _are_ catalog entries:
> ```
> [...]
> This file contents imlementation of special type of temporary tables ---
> fast temporary tables (FTT). From user perspective they work exactly as
> regular temporary tables. However there are no records about FTTs in
> pg_catalog. These records are stored in backend's memory instead and
> mixed with regular records during scans of catalog tables. We refer to
> corresponding tuples of catalog tables as "in-memory" or "virtual"
> tuples and to all these tuples together --- as "in-memory" or "virtual"
> catalog.
> [...]
> ```

That doesn't really solve the problem, because OTHER backends won't be
able to see them.  So, if I create a fast temporary table in one
session that depends on a permanent object, some other session can
drop the permanent object.  If there were REAL catalog entries, that
wouldn't work, because the other session would see the dependency.

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