On 8/23/16 3:34 PM, Martín Marqués wrote:
I found quite some other objects we should be checking as well, but
this will add some duplication to the tests, as I'd just copy (with
minor changes) what's in src/bin/pg_dump/t/002_pg_dump.pl

I can't think of a way to avoid this duplication, not that it really
hurts. We would have to make sure that any new objects added to one
test, if needed, are added to the other (that's a bit cumbersome).

At one point I had some code that understood what object names (ie: AGGREGATE, TABLE, etc) went with what catalog tables, what ones lived inside a schema (as opposed to globally), and which ones were shared/global (cross-database). I think I needed this for some automatic handling of comments, but it's been a while. Maybe something like that would help reduce the duplication...
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