Bruce Momjian wrote:
> I have a new idea.  You know how we have search_path where you can
> specify multiple schema names.  What if we allow the config_dirs/-C to
> specify multiple directories to search for config files.  That way, we
> can use only one variable, and we can allow people to place different
> config files in different directories.

That's an interesting idea.  Were you thinking, perhaps, that you
could put, say, a postgresql.conf file in multiple directories and
have the settings in the latest one override the settings in earlier
ones?  That would mean you could set up a single postgresql.conf that
has settings common to all of your instances (settings related to the
system such as shared buffers, and default settings that would apply
to any instance if not overridden), and a postgresql.conf file for
each instance that defines the instance-specific configuration

I'm not sure that's quite what you had in mind, though.  :-)

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