"Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The problem I have with Bruce's scheme is that you could put your config
> file where you want it and someone else puts one somewhere higher in the
> search path and you have no idea what went wrong. It sounds to me like a
> recipe for an SA's nightmare. Other people have claimed to speak from the SA
> perspective - do they see this too?

If you have "your" file you'd put it in the directory at the front of
the search path.  End of problem.  Any additional directories would be
for config files that you *want* to share.

Offhand I find it hard to visualize needing more than two directories in
this path (private and shared), unless we grow to having many more
config files than we do now.  But we may as well build the feature with
no artificial restriction about path length.

Search path management seems well understood for $PATH --- people do
get burnt by having the wrong $PATH, but it doesn't qualify as a

                        regards, tom lane

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