On 26-08-2016 14:03, David Fetter wrote:
> Would these make sense as pg_ctl options, or are you separating them
> out because they're not instance-wide?  If separating them is
> important on those grounds, how about something like pg_db or
> pg_db_command?
It doesn't make sense because pg_ctl is server-side and pg_command would
be client-side.

>> pg_oid2name: I don't have a strong opinion that it fits in pg_command;
> I vaguely knew that this existed, but I can't recall having heard of
> anybody actually using it.  I suppose it's under pg_ctl if the split
> above between instance-wide and db-specific holds.
I don't use it for a long time. It also a client-side binary then better
place for it is pg_command. BTW, is anybody using it? If so, we could
add this functionality to psql and remove it.

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