On 8/26/16 12:26 PM, Euler Taveira wrote:
> initdb: we already have 'pg_ctl init' (since 9.0) and could remove initdb.

I have a concern specifically about pg_ctl.  Depending on how your
PostgreSQL is packaged, not all of the pg_ctl actions are safe or
sensible to run.  For example, if you are using systemd, then using
pg_ctl restart will probably not do the right thing.  And depending on
SELinux (maybe), running initdb directly might also not do the right
thing.  In most cases, you can just not use pg_ctl and do all these
things differently, but for example pg_ctl promote is the only
documented way to do that thing.

Until we have a better way to figure that out, I wouldn't want to put
more things into pg_ctl, especially as the only way.

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