On 08/26/2016 07:03 PM, David Fetter wrote:
On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 01:26:39PM -0300, Euler Taveira wrote:

initdb: we already have 'pg_ctl init' (since 9.0) and could remove initdb.


+1 for removing initdb.

We can't just remove it because pg_ctl actually calls initdb, so we would have to move the code from src/bin/initdb to src/bin/pg_ctl. Which is doable, but I assume we'd also change how we pass parameters to it - right now we have to do this:

pg_ctl init -o "... initdb params ..."

But I assume we'd change this to regular parameters, if 'init' gets merged into pg_ctl - otherwise we'd force users to construct the param string only to immediately parse it (currently the "system()" call does that for us, but we'd have to implement that in pg_ctl).

That however means that not only we break the scripts for all those calling initdb directly (and there's quite a few of them, I'm sure, exactly because it's simpler to pass the parameters directly), but also for all those already using pg_ctl.


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