On 8/26/16 5:20 PM, Andres Freund wrote:
> I do think there's an order of magnitude between the impact between
> moving some and moving everything. And that's going to impact
> cost/benefit calculations.
> Moving e.g. all ephemeral files into a (possibly configurable) directory
> is going to hardly impact anyone.  Renaming pg_logical into something
> different (FWIW, it was originally named differently...) will hopefully
> impact nobody, excepting some out of date file exclusion lists possibly.
> But moving config files, and even pg_xlog (which we document to be
> symlinkable somewhere else) imo is different.

I agree with all that.  But the subject line is specifically about
moving pg_xlog.  So if your opinion is that we shouldn't move pg_xlog,
then that is noted.  But if we were to move it, we can think about a
good place to move it to.

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