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Michael Paquier <michael.paqu...@gmail.com> writes:
OK, so let's focus only on the renaming mentioned in $subject. So far
as I can see on this thread, here are the opinions of people who
clearly gave one:
- Rename them, hard break is OK: Michael P, Bruce, Stephen (depends on
David's input),  Magnus
- Rename them, hard break not OK: Fujii-san (perhaps do nothing?)
- Do nothing: Simon (add a README), Tom, Peter E

I'm against moving/renaming the
configuration files, because I think that will break a lot of users'
scripts and habits without really buying much.

I don't agree with this part, mainly because there is significant number of installations (everything that uses debian/ubuntu scripts) that already don't have configuration files inside the data directory.

On the other matters:
+1 for renaming pg_xlog to pg_wal and pg_clog to pg_xact/trans (don't care really which one)

And +1 for renaming pg_logical to something more reasonable.

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