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Also as a note to the idea that we make break things for external user
space; the next version being v10 is the exact time to do that.

Let's please drop this meme that "v10 is a great time to break things".
We don't want this to be any worse than any other major-version upgrade.

The moment you break backward compatibility, it will be worse. We are talking about breaking backward compatibility. So let's just accept it as it is, there is a mentality about a major jump. A major jump (9.6->10) is *the* perfect time to make world changing, changes.

If we throw thirty different major incompatibilities in at once, we're
going to be hearing about how painful it was for the next decade, even if
any one of them individually would have been manageable.  Or, if we make
the pain factor too high, users will simply not upgrade, and we'll be
faced with demands that we support 9.6 forever.

Whiners always find a reason to whine.

Let's be on two feet here. I am not saying we should jump to using json notation for our next release. I am simply stating that any largish (even if it is a small patch) changes to expected behavior should be done with care. We have a window because no matter how much you yell, I yell, Magnus yells, or anybody else yells; the telling story will be, "10.0 is a huge jump from 9.6". Most people *WOULD NOT CARE* if we only changed one thing. They care that we jumped 4 releases. That type of communication implies BIG CHANGES.

Whether you like it or not. Whether I like it or not.



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