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Looking at this issue today, I found that we are not setting a
dependency for an index created inside an extension.

Surely the index has a dependency on a table, which depends on the

If you mean that you want an extension to create an index on a table
that doesn't belong to it, but it's assuming pre-exists, I think
that's just stupid and we need not support it.

I don't see why that would be stupid (and I'm not sure it's up to us to
just decide it's stupid).

+1, there are a lot of workflow patterns that make sense and don't make sense depending on your perspective, consider safe mode with MySQL. I personally think it is stupid too but it also obviously has a huge useful user base.

Imagine you use extensions to break the application into modules. You
have a "basic" extension, with the table, and a "search" extension
implementing fulltext search on top of that table. Isn't it natural to
keep the gin indexes in the search extension?

So the basic--1.0.sql will do something like

  CREATE TABLE x ( ...)

and search--1.0.sql would do

  CREATE INDEX y ON x USING gin (z);
  CREATE FUNCTION search_objects(..) ...

because the index and function doing the search are somewhat tightly
coupled. I admit this is just an example and I don't know how many
people use extensions this way, but I don't see why this would be
inherently stupid pattern?

It isn't and in fact shows that as we extend Pg, the more we allow people flexibility in developing WITHIN the database, the more we will be able to influence them to do so. That is a good thing.

Or maybe we should just tell everyone, use an ORM it will solve all your problems. (/sarcasm)



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