At 2016-09-06 14:40:54 +0900, wrote:
> my best advice here is to make all those recovery_target_* parameters
> PGC_POSTMASTER so as they are loaded only once when the server starts,
> and then we define the recovery target type used in the startup
> process instead of trying to do so at GUC level.

I understand your approach in light of the GUC code, but I see things a
bit differently—the complexity comes largely from the specific handling
of recovery_target. I'll try to come up with a way to do it better. If
not, we have your suggestion to fall back on.

> +    else if (recovery_target_lsn != 0)
> +        recovery_target = RECOVERY_TARGET_LSN;
> This needs to check for InvalidXLogRecPtr.

Of course, thanks. Fixed locally in all the relevant places. Will repost
whenever there are other substantive changes.

-- Abhijit

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