Review of the patch in the commit fest:

- Various naming/spelling inconsistencies: In the source, the module
  is require_where, the documentation titles it require-where, the GUC
  parameters are requires_where.*, but incorrectly documented.

- Unusual indentation in the Makefile

- Needs tests

- Not sure about errcode(ERRCODE_CARDINALITY_VIOLATION), which is
  documented in the code as "this means something returned the wrong
  number of rows".  I think ERRCODE_SYNTAX_ERROR or something from
  nearby there would be better.

- errhint() string should end with a period.

- The 7th argument of DefineCustomBoolVariable() is of type int, not
  bool, so passing false is somewhat wrong, even if it works.

- There ought to be a _PG_fini() function that undoes what _PG_init()

- The documentation should be expanded and clarified.  Given that this
  is a "training wheels" module, we can be extra clear here.  I would
  like to see some examples at least.

- The documentation is a bit incorrect about the ways to load this
  module.  shared_preload_libraries is not necessary.  session_ and
  local_ (with prep) should also work.

- The claim in the documentation that only superusers can do things
  with this module is not generally correct.

Peter Eisentraut    
PostgreSQL Development, 24x7 Support, Remote DBA, Training & Services

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