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> wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 4:02 PM, David Fetter <da...@fetter.org> wrote:
> >
> > [training_wheels_004.patch]
> openjade:filelist.sgml:144:16:E: character "_" invalid: only parameter
> literal, "CDATA", "ENDTAG", "MD", "MS", "PI", "PUBLIC", "SDATA",
> "STARTTAG", "SYSTEM" and parameter separators allowed
> openjade:contrib.sgml:138:2:W: cannot generate system identifier for
> general entity "require"
> The documentation doesn't build here, I think because require_where is
> not an acceptable entity name.  It works for me if I change the
> underscore to a minus in various places.

It seems that the version of docbook that you get if you follow the
instructions[1] on CentOS is OK with the underscore in entity names, but
the version you get if you follow the instructions for macOS + MacPorts
doesn't like it.  I didn't investigate exactly which component or version
was behind that, but it's clear that other entity names use hyphens instead
of underscores, so I would recommend making this change to your patch so we
don't change the version requirements for building the docs:

diff --git a/doc/src/sgml/contrib.sgml b/doc/src/sgml/contrib.sgml
index 7ca62a4..48ca717 100644
--- a/doc/src/sgml/contrib.sgml
+++ b/doc/src/sgml/contrib.sgml
@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ CREATE EXTENSION <replaceable>module_name</> FROM
- &require_where;
+ &require-where;
diff --git a/doc/src/sgml/filelist.sgml b/doc/src/sgml/filelist.sgml
index 8079cbd..4552273 100644
--- a/doc/src/sgml/filelist.sgml
+++ b/doc/src/sgml/filelist.sgml
@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@
 <!ENTITY pgtrgm          SYSTEM "pgtrgm.sgml">
 <!ENTITY pgvisibility    SYSTEM "pgvisibility.sgml">
 <!ENTITY postgres-fdw    SYSTEM "postgres-fdw.sgml">
-<!ENTITY require_where   SYSTEM "require_where.sgml">
+<!ENTITY require-where   SYSTEM "require_where.sgml">
 <!ENTITY seg             SYSTEM "seg.sgml">
 <!ENTITY contrib-spi     SYSTEM "contrib-spi.sgml">
 <!ENTITY sepgsql         SYSTEM "sepgsql.sgml">

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