Michael Paquier <michael.paqu...@gmail.com> writes:
> Thanks. I was a bit too lazy to look at the history to get this piece
> of history out... And so the code that is presently in the MSVC
> scripts should have been updated at the same time as those
> compilations have been relaxed, but it got forgotten on the way I
> guess. Then it seemt to me that the attached patch would do things as
> they should be done: removal of the condition for iconv, which is an
> optional flag for libxml2, and reversing the check for libxslt <->
> libxml2.

Actually, wait a minute.  Doesn't this bit in Mkvcbuild.pm need adjusted?

        if ($solution->{options}->{xml})
                $contrib_extraincludes->{'pgxml'} = [
                        $solution->{options}->{xml} . '/include',
                        $solution->{options}->{xslt} . '/include',
                        $solution->{options}->{iconv} . '/include' ];

                $contrib_extralibs->{'pgxml'} = [
                        $solution->{options}->{xml} . '/lib/libxml2.lib',
                        $solution->{options}->{xslt} . '/lib/libxslt.lib' ];

It might accidentally fail to fail as-is, but likely it would be better
not to be pushing garbage paths into extraincludes and extralibs when
some of those options aren't set.

                        regards, tom lane

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