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Documentation:            tested, failed

Thank you for the patch.
As I see there are no objections in the discussion, all the patches look clear.

Could you clarify, please, why do we dump sequence in schemaOnly mode?
+       if (dopt.schemaOnly && dopt.sequence_data)
+               getSequenceData(&dopt, tblinfo, numTables, dopt.oids);

postgres=# create table t(i serial, data text);
postgres=# insert into t(data) values ('aaa');
pg_dump -d postgres --sequence-data --schema-only > ../reviews/dump_pg

Then restore it into newdb and add new value.
newdb=# insert into t(data) values ('aaa');
newdb=# select * from t;
 i | data 
 2 | aaa

I'm not an experienced user, but I thought that while doing dump/restore
of schema of database we reset all the data. Why should the table in newly
created (via pg_restore) database have non-default sequence value?

I also did some other tests and all of them were passed.

One more thing to do is a documentation for the new option.
You should update help() function in pg_dump.c and also add some
notes to pg_dump.sgml and probably to pgupgrade.sgml.

The new status of this patch is: Waiting on Author

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