On 9/26/16 1:39 PM, Jesper Pedersen wrote:
> Left as is, since BuildTupleFromCStrings() vs. xyzGetDatum() are equally 
> readable in this case. But, I can change the patch if needed.

The point is that to use BuildTupleFromCStrings() you need to convert
numbers to strings, and then they are converted back.  This is not a
typical way to write row-returning functions.

>> - hash_metap result fields spares and mapp should be arrays of integer.
> B-tree and BRIN uses a 'text' field as output, so left as is.

These fields are specific to hash, so the precedent doesn't necessarily

>> - The data field could be of type bytea.
> Left as is, for same reasons as 'spares' and 'mapp'.

Comments from others here?  Why not use bytea instead of text?

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