Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> On 9/26/16 1:39 PM, Jesper Pedersen wrote:

> >> - hash_metap result fields spares and mapp should be arrays of integer.
> > 
> > B-tree and BRIN uses a 'text' field as output, so left as is.
> These fields are specific to hash, so the precedent doesn't necessarily
> apply.
> >> - The data field could be of type bytea.
> > 
> > Left as is, for same reasons as 'spares' and 'mapp'.
> Comments from others here?  Why not use bytea instead of text?

The BRIN pageinspect functions aren't a particularly well thought-out
precedent IMO.  There was practically no review of that part of the BRIN
patch, and I just threw it together in the way that seemed to make the
most sense at the time.  If there's some reason why some other way is
better for hash indexes, that should be followed rather than mimicking

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