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>> Ping.
> Please find attached the next revision.

I'm not sold on ERRCODE_SYNTAX_ERROR.  There's nothing wrong with the
syntax, since parsing succeeded.  It would be cool if we could use
what error class 38 really means.  Does require_where's hook function
count as an 'external routine' and on that basis is it it allowed to
raise this error?  Thoughts, anyone?

I am still seeing the underscore problem when building the docs.
Please find attached fix-docs.patch which applies on top of
training_wheels_005.patch.  It fixes that problem for me.

The regression test fails.  The expected error messages show the old
wording, so I think you forgot to add a file.  Also, should
contrib/require_where/Makefile define REGRESS = require_where?  That
would allow 'make check' from inside that directory, which is
convenient and matches other extensions.  Please find attached
fix-regression-test.patch which also applies on top of
training_wheels_005.patch and fixes those things for me, and also adds
a couple of extra test cases.

Robert Haas mentioned upthread that the authors section was too short,
and your follow-up v3 patch addressed that.  Somehow two authors got
lost on their way to the v5 patch.  Please find attached
fix-authors.patch which also applies on top of
training_wheels_005.patch to restore them.

It would be really nice to be able to set this to 'Ready for
Committer' in this CF.  Do you want to post a v6 patch or are you
happy for me to ask a committer to look at v5 + these three

Thomas Munro

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