On 30/09/2016 21:12, David Fetter wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 06:37:17PM +0200, Julien Rouhaud wrote:
>> On 30/09/2016 05:23, Thomas Munro wrote:
>>> It would be really nice to be able to set this to 'Ready for
>>> Committer' in this CF.  Do you want to post a v6 patch or are you
>>> happy for me to ask a committer to look at v5 + these three
>>> corrections?
>> I just looked at the patch, and noticed that only plain DELETE and
>> UPDATE commands are handled.  Is it intended that writable CTE without
>> WHERE clauses are not detected by this extension?  I personally think
>> that wCTE should be handled (everyone can forget a WHERE clause), but if
>> not it should at least be documented.
> You are correct in that it should work for every unqualified UPDATE or
> DELETE, not just some.  Would you be so kind as to send along the
> tests cases you used so I can add them to the patch?

Given your test case, these queries should fail if the related
require_where GUCs are set (obviously last one should failed with either
of the GUC set):

WITH d AS (DELETE FROM test_require_where) SELECT 1;

WITH u AS (UPDATE test_require_where SET t = t) SELECT 1;

WITH d AS (DELETE FROM test_require_where), u AS (UPDATE
test_require_where SET t = t) SELECT 1;

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