Hello everyone. I've been using the bugs/general mailing lists for a
while, but never been on hackers, so please take that into account.

After some messages due to vacuumdb auto-deadlocking itself on the
system tables when doing paralell vacuum of a full database I
suggested adding some flags to make vacuumdb process schemas. I was
asked wether I could write a patch for that and I am thinking on doing

Having began to read the developer FAQ I have searched the TODO list
for similar things, and I'm asking here to know if someone is already
working on something similar to avoid duplicating efforts.

What I'm planning to do is adding a couple of include-schema /
exclude-schema options to vacuumdb, so you can first do paralell
vacuum excluding pg_catalog and then do serial one including
pg_catalog to finally tidy the db. Or you can move rarely updated
tables to their schema and avoid vacuuming them. After that I may try
a couple of shortcuts for the system ( in case a future
pg_extra_catalog apears ). I was planning on reusing the code to get
all the tables from the catalog used in paralel vacuums when no tables
is specified, so the modifications are mainly string juggling, as I
feel the extra time / flexibility gained by doing a finely tuned query
does not justify the extra bug surface added.

I would like to know if someone is doing something intersecting with this.

Also, although I feel confident in my coding I have zero knowledge of
developing for postgres, and I am not confident in my git or testing
habilities. I can develop it, as it is just modifying a single libpq
client program and only in the easy part of the string lists and may
be emitting a new error ( as this can introduce a new failure mode of
'no tables to vacuum' ), I can test it locally and produce a patch for
that file, but I'm not confident on integrating it, making git patchs
or going further, so I would like to know if doing that would be
enough and then I can give the code to someone to review or integrate

Waiting for orientation.

     Francisco Olarte.

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