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My 0.2$: keep the xml formatting rules as simple as possible and rely on
xslt to do the document markup (going out) and schemas/xslt to do the
validation (going in).  This would allow flexibility for any type of
application.  Without that stuff just do very basic

There are many excellent free tools for xml manipulation which imho are
the best thing about xml.

Xml datasets that are not nested tend to get verbose :(


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> > I don't agree with this: XML and XHTML are two different things.
> No one claimed anything to the contrary.
> > We could certainly upgrade the HTML portion, but I am pretty sure
> > the XML standard calls for this format:
> >
> > <columnname>data here</columnname>
> The XML standard does not call for any table format.  But a number of
> table formats have been established within the XML framework.  Some of
> them are formatting-oriented (e.g., the HTML model, or CALS which is
> in DocBook) and some of them are processing-oriented (e.g., SQL/XML).
> Which do we need?  And which do we need from psql in particular
> in mind that psql is primarily for interactive use and
> In any case, it should most likely be a standard table model and not a
> hand-crafted one.
> (If, for whatever reason, we go the "processing-oriented" route, then
> claim that there should not be a different output with and without \x
> mode.)
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