Let me preface this by expressing my appreciation for all the hard work
for the people who develop, maintain, and support PostGreSQL.  I've been
using it for a little over two years for a variety of projects and have
been extremely happy with both the software and the support on these lists.

Recently I began trying to fill in my gaps in understanding the theories
underlying database work -- mainly by reading some textbooks and research
papers -- and I've had my eyes opened to lot of interesting things I hadn't 
considered before.  Then I began digging around PostGreSQL to see if it offered
the tools to play around with these ideas; in many cases it did and I've been 
happily playing around with them.

The one place I haven't been able to use PostGreSQL to experiment is with
regards to updateable views.  I've found a few threads in -general and -hackers
(including one linked from the ToDo list), but they all seem to die out without
really reaching any sort of conclusion.  I've also seen that in many
cases it appears possible to use triggers/rules to simulate updateable views,
but that feels like an inelegant solution to me.

Are there people working on this topic?  I'ld be interested in helping out.


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