We are developing a Win32 port of PostgreSQL 7.3(different from Jan's
implementaion, in that we are using a thread model. In the future I
hope we could contribute the source code). We have done a power
failure testing using the test tool made by Dave Page:

Subject: [HACKERS] Win32 Powerfail testing - results
From: "Dave Page" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 16:51:33 -0000

So far we found interesting facts. Our Win32 port passes his test in
most cases. However if power of the machine is turned off right after
(10 to 20 seconds) the Checkpoint has been made, it does not passes
his test. So we are thinking that there is someting wrong with the
checkpoint implementaion for Win32 port, which is essentially same as
Jan's implementation. i.e. using _flushall() instead of sync().  We
were looking for a fix or an alternative implementaion of sync()
without success.

BTW, we found that Cygwin port of PostgreSQL does not pass his test
Tatsuo Ishii

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