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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Win32 Powerfail testing
> > > Sorry, but it does not help. The page says we could use
> > > FlushFileBuffers() to sync the kernel buffer to the
> > > disk. Unfortunately, it requires a file descriptor to flush
> > > for its argument. Thus it could not be a replacement of 
> > > sync(). Actually I have modified the buffer manager so that 
> > > it remembers all file descriptors those have not been synced 
> > > yet to the disk at the checkpoint time to sync them later. 
> > > However I found this modification does not help at all with 
> > > some reason I don't know.
> > 
> > How do you open the files (function, flags etc)?
> Are you asking the way how to open files in the buffer 
> manager? If so, basically PostgreSQL uses open() with flags 
> (O_RDWR | PG_BINARY, 0600).

I cannot find it now, but I'm sure I read that FlushFileBuffers() has no
effect unless the file was opened with CreateFile() with the
GENERIC_WRITE flag. A quick google shows quite a few people recommending
that approach to others having trouble flushing files opened with fopen
or _open.

Regards, Dave.

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