> > Sorry, but it does not help. The page says we could use
> > FlushFileBuffers() to sync the kernel buffer to the
> > disk. Unfortunately, it requires a file descriptor to flush 
> > for its argument. Thus it could not be a replacement of 
> > sync(). Actually I have modified the buffer manager so that 
> > it remembers all file descriptors those have not been synced 
> > yet to the disk at the checkpoint time to sync them later. 
> > However I found this modification does not help at all with 
> > some reason I don't know.
> How do you open the files (function, flags etc)? 

Are you asking the way how to open files in the buffer manager?
If so, basically PostgreSQL uses open() with flags (O_RDWR |
PG_BINARY, 0600).
Tatsuo Ishii

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