On 10/15/2016 04:26 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
* Now that we don't call random() in postmaster anymore, is there any point
in calling srandom() there (i.e. where the above incorrect comment was)?
Should we remove it? random() might be used by pre-loaded extensions,
though. (Hopefully not for cryptographic purposes.)

That's the business of the maintainers such modules, so my heart is
telling me to rip it off, but my mind tells me that there is no point
in making them unhappy either if they rely on it. I'd trust my mind on
this one, other opinions are welcome.

I kept it for now. Doesn't do any harm either, even if it's unnecessary.

* Should we backport this? Sorry if we discussed that already, but I don't

I think that we discussed quickly the point at last PGCon during the
SCRAM-committee-unofficial meeting, and that we talked about doing
that only for HEAD.

Ok, committed to HEAD.


- Heikki

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